An existential sci-fi slice-of-life lesbian romance presented in stunning 400 DPI OekakiVision™. My passion project since early 2017. Chapters i & ii are available to read below. Chapters iii & onwards are being released exclusively on Patreon—for now.

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A naïve robot thinks herself human, until a freak accident at work reveals she’s been working for the very company that built her.

A nonchalant tomboy is secretly and ashamedly in love with her childhood friend. After a brutal revelation, she realizes that all a sad robot wants is a hug.

A 30-something engineer’s whole world is turned upside-down when she realizes the boring tech company she’s worked at for a decade was also behind the most advanced and emotional AI ever constructed.

A gleeful schizophrenic artist finds a best friend and sister in the “freaky military android” she was initially terrified of.