Etobicoke Fashion Show 2019

Models on the runway at EFS.

The students of Etobicoke School of the Arts run a fashion show each year showcasing students’ designs and artworks, as well as a magazine (Crushed Magazine) with photos of designs made for the show and fashion essays.

In 2019, the school got the opportunity to host the show on a much larger scale—Cloverdale Mall provided funding and a massive space to work with. As the design director I designed a website, posters, programs, and an 80+ page magazine—all featuring custom type. I DJ’d on the day of the event (April 25th).

EFS collectible posters. Tabloid size.

Crushed #2

In 2018, the EFS heads put together Crushed Magazine, showcasing photos of student designs and artworks from the show. In 2019, I designed and edited Crushed #2—80+ pages of student fashion photos and essays. Custom Crushed logotype is featured on the cover. Magazine is typeset in sb-studio, an early unreleased version of my sb-spec typeface.

Download Crushed #2 PDF

Crushed #2 cover. Letter size.