24 32

24 32 is a short comic zine and my first printed book. In 2018, I sold a limited run of it at The Beguiling. I kinda just went crazy with it and tried to have fun making something short, but I don’t know if it holds up well.

Set in 2432 AD, 24 32 follows a twenty-something cat and her talking Roomba as they get bored and go on the Dark Web. This leads to limb amputation, nudity, swearing, and a really annoying anime catgirl.


The book in print.

For 24 32’s art, I decided to break away from my then-usual style of illustration and aim for shitty MS Paint-ish crudeness. The book’s layout and typography are a nightmare—no defined backgrounds, dialogue and interactions that regularly break the expected reading flow, and a mess of awful and expensive typeface choices.

A sequel named 48 64 was planned but never released.