Art from 2021


Untitled mermaids

August 2021, Clip Studio Paint for Mac. Character design and colour explorations. I painted mermaids in August two years in a row…


November 2021, Procreate. Another mermaid painting. When approached to make cover art for Mutants Mixtape, my first thought was “just make it a picture of a mutant”… which, amazingly, they hadn’t done yet. The rest is self-explanatory.

Sunflower Psycho

October 2021, Procreate. Portrait of Yumi Hara, the protagonist of my upcoming manga MM. Style exploration of robotic gore.

Red Sun

February 2021, Clip Studio Paint for Mac. Style exploration for my manga MM. I was imagining an irradiated world post climate change, where the sun paints the hazy sky around it a bright red.

Swimmer (Gift)

June 2021, Clip Studio Paint for Mac. Birthday gift for my friend Mellie—of her character Swimmer.

Waterfairies (Gift)

October 2021, Procreate. Birthday gifts for my friend Sofa—of her character Waterfairy.

Futa angel (NSFW)

October 2021, Clip Studio Paint for Mac. You can figure it out yourself.

Nezu & Wafa

December 2021, Procreate. Nezubo and Waterfairy for the HOLY CONEJOBEAT flyer. Nezu and Wafa are the avatars of myself and Sofa—the event’s hosts.

Assorted drawings