Art from 2018


Magical Awachan

December 2018, acrylic and chalk pastel on paper.

Ran Yakumo (had to do it to ‘em)

November 2018, Clip Studio Paint for Mac.

Design works

Poster drafts

2018 (month unknown), Adobe Illustrator CC. Back then, I was obsessed with late ’90s/early ’00s design à la The Designers Republic—chiefly, the microscopic typographic/diagrammatic details tucked away in the corners of their works. I liked to call these details “greeble”—a prop design term for meaningless small details added to enhance the illusion of scale.

I started these posters by greebling around the corners to “frame” something in the middle—but I never got to making the middle parts. Open these in a new tab and zoom in real close…

If you want to see FINISHED posters of mine in this style, see Portfolio Day #9 and Etobicoke Fashion Show 2019.


2018, Adobe Illustrator. Logo design exercises.